Saturday, March 7, 2009



I am standing at one of the lane of Yilan county, where I can see the soft sunlight. If I have chance to stay there for awhile, I will stand there everyday, enjoying the warm from the soft sunlight.

MUNGYO OP on 12' x 8.5' white paper.


SwagmanGoin said...

I like the feeling of this one much.You have a nice gallery with oil pastel.Whats the difference between oil pastel and wax do you think?I could only found wax here in my city.

surface said...

Thanks Wang,

Oil Pastel is oil mixed with wax, people here usually called it crayons.

Heman said...

Hi surface! I love this one. Crayon is one of the material which is quite hard to master. I can say that you've done very well.

surface said...

Thanks Heman.

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