Saturday, April 4, 2009

Op Aceo : Taiwan (12 cards)

I just done a set of ACEO total 12 cards depict the Taiwan scenery during the days I had travelling in Taiwan. All of them was painted using MUNGYO Oil Pastel.

西门町 Xi Men Ting

Xi Men Ting is one of the famous place that always filled with teenagers in Taipei. You can find a lot of delicious food as well as nitch products over there.

阳明山 Yang Ming Shan

Yang Ming Shan is a mountainous area, surrounding by colourful flowers and trees.

九份 Jiu Fen

Jiu Fen is a special place near Taipei, you find a lot of unique houses surrounding the cliff.

日月潭 Sun Moon Lake

Sun Mon Lake is a famous tourist spot, remember to take a good ride over there.

奋起湖 Fen Qi Hu

If you enjoy hiking, you definitely loves Fen Qi Hu, the tracks are all well done for the hikers.

阿里山 Alishan

Alishan is a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Chiayi County in Taiwan. I was there during sunrise moment of 01 Jan 2009.

阿里山人工林 Alishan artificial forest

This place is where the spirit lives. They are hiding themselves while we walk across and only come out if no one else is there.

鹿港 Lu Gang

Lu Gang means Deer Harbour is an urban township in northwestern Changhua County, Taiwan.

冬山河畔 Dong Shan He

Dong Shan He located at Yi Lan. Have a walk over there enjoying the cold wind is relaxing.

鹿港天后宫 Lu Gang Tian Hou Gong

Tian Hou Gong is a Chinese temple. I was there and the place is full of prayers.

宜兰海边 Beach at Yi Lan

The sand is in black, I love the beach at Yi Lan.

龙潭湖 Long Tan Hu

Long Tan Hu means dragon lake, we have a ride surrounding this lake and brings back only the good luck.

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