Monday, June 22, 2009

Paddy Field at Sekinchan

Size: 8 inch X 12 inch
Paper: White

It was a beautiful morning,
I walk across the paddy field at Sekinchan.

The wind blows, and the paddy is smiling.
A car bypass at the very far end,
Slowly without making any noise.

At that moment,
The peace is there.


amata said...

hi, i really love your paintings. I'm about to buy a set of colour oil pastels. What brand of color oil pastel do you think is the best ?
Thanks a lot :D

surface said...

Hi Thanks Amata. Different brands of oil pastel gives different experiences, you may try craypas, it seems to be quite nice for me.

This painting, I use MUNGYO.

amata said...

thank you for your suggestion :D It's hard to find Cray-pas oil pastel here so i bought a new Vietnamese set of 24 oil pastel pieces named Mango. It's kind of nice but I still like my old Chinese set called Symbalion. I'm not really good at painting but still want to show you my art work. ^_^. I will when i finish it.

surface said...

@amata, alright! Look forward to see your finished work.

I tried simbalion before, it is a taiwan brand, the crayon's quality is quite nice.

amata said...

Hi man, i've finished my painting and I realize that there are so many things i need to learn from you. My painting is like of a secondary school student. I draw with pencil first then paint it with oil pastel. I bet your technique is totally different, right. I so wanna be your student :P. Can you teach me :P

Here are some pictures of my painting. Please comment on it, thanks.

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