Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Forum for artist of all levels!

Recently I have discovered a very interesting forums regarding arts, WetCanvas! It is the best forum for artist from all levels! You will meets artist from all around the world, experienced and talented one. They are all very helpful and friendly, that makes me believes that the world is no logger round but flat.

Not only I find the people there nice, but I also able to access various arts information, interactive tutorials, interesting exchange projects, space for me to upload my paintings for sharing.

I will be active in Oil Pastel Channel, there are a lots of things I need to learn from them.
I will be socializing in Art Cards Editions and Originals (ATC/ACEO) channel too. I am very lucky that I managed to join the ACEO exchange projects just in time.

Check It out and join Us at WetCanvas!!! You won't regret!


Liberty said...

Hi Surface... Nice Oil Pastel painting you got there .. never expect you are interested in painting ... hehehehe ..

surface said...

Thx Liberty. Wanna buy my paintings to decorate your house?

Haha, I am joking :D

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