Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My first oil pastel experience begins here

I remembered I have mimic Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" using oil pastel few years ago. I remembered I find it awesome, but I couldn't remember where I kept the painting. After visited an art gallery at my home town (Penang, Malaysia), my art's gens revived and started to grow.

When I was young, probably during studying at primary and secondary school, my parent sent me to private drawing classes. I still remember painting using Buncho poster color during primary school, and continue to paint it in water color during high school.

But now, I want to try something different. I find myself passionate on oil pastel. I didn't aware of any art classes or studio here in Malaysia concentrate on oil pastel. As OP (oil pastel) is not common in the arena here. I decided to start my journey alone while searching for BOF. I am glad that I can find a lots of information regarding OP in the internet, and realized that I am not really alone in OP.

This is my very first OP in normal sketch book. Traditional Malaysia food, Nasi Lemak.

From Oil Pastel Drawings

And just very recently, I came across ACEO. So here is my first ACEO in OP.

From Oil Pastel ACEO


"JeanneG" said...

Very nice. I love the colors.

surface said...

Thanks Jeanne :)

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