Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oil Pastel Sept 2008 Challenge

Every month, there will be a thread open for challenge in Oil Pastel Studio of WetCanvas forum. Anyone are welcome to post their masterpiece, and ask for comments. While looking at everyone's masterpieces and read through people's comments, its really widen my views as well as sense of art.

Suddenly, I find myself very philosophical about Art. Art is not about accuracy, is not about right and wrong. For me art is about self expression of the artist and appreciation from the audience. I can't say this painting is correct, but I can tell why I like it.

After crapping around here, now lets look at the photo Randi post up.

Slieve League on the North West Irish Coast

And this is my painting on ATC size ( 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch) on black mounting board, my OP is CRAY-PASS Expressionist 36 colors.

From Oil Pastel ACEO

And Yeah! I like to hold it in my hand.

From Oil Pastel ACEO

If you are interested on the challenge, please check this out!

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