Saturday, October 4, 2008

ACEO Fruit series

After the Pumpkins, I have done another four cards focus on fruits. I am using Cray-pas expressionist 36 colors on black mounting board.

Let me list all of them here.

#1 Pumpkins

#2 Oranges

#3 Strawberry

#4 Apple

#5 Pear

All this while, I realized that certain color of OP doesn't blend well on my black mounting board, especially colors like yellow, light orange, they always appear transparent. I have discussed that in the forum and they have suggested me to do underpaint first before applying yellow, perhaps underpaint with other material such as oils, acrylics, or watercolor.

Look at the initial sketch of oranges, you may discovered that the orange color is transparent that leaves a lots of blackly scars.

Even after I have applied different tones of orange color on top of it, the scars still existed. In fact, I may always adapt the nature of the board and OP to express it as textures, but sometimes the scars are too much for certain surfaces, and they are no ways to cover entirely.


pyngz said...

wow!! pretty leh this series!

surface said...

Oh thanks.

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