Friday, October 3, 2008


One of the October 2008 Oil Pastel challenge of WetCanvas forum is to paint pumpkins. Again, I decided to paint it on those left over ATC size black mounting board. I am using Cray-pas expressionist 36 color Oil Pastel.

This is the initial view.

I drew out the shape of pumpkins using white pastel pencil. After that, I blended it with 2 different tone of orange as well as yellow for the pumpkin's surfaces and "green gray" for the stem. Green gray is my favorite green, I find it blend very well on black mounting board. I am using "Sepia" for the pumpkin's shades. Sepia is my another favorite color, which gives dark brown that close to black color.

Here is the final view.

I use a lots of white to express reflection of lights as well as lighter shading. At last, I scatter with black, emphasizing darker shading.

Finally, I am done. Now I am holding it in my hand.


nzflutterby said...

I love your ATC's. It is interesting to read your explanations of how you blended the colours and your process.
I am with you on the WC Anything Goes exchange. Great work by you

surface said...

Thanks Elaine, I am glad to exchange ATC with you. :)

Takeyce said...

I really like the way this one turned out. Very nice shapes and color.

surface said...

Thank you Takeyce.

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