Saturday, October 11, 2008

Experimenting on white embossed coarse linen paper

I bought a white embossed coarse linen paper. It is the first time I work on this kind of paper. The paper is made of high quality acid free cotton fibre, the surface's texture is canvas alike.

The size is 12 x 9 inches, and I am using cray-pas expressionist oil pastel.

First of all I use 7B pencil to sketch the objects before painting it.

Serious Mistake!! As I shouldn't use soft graphite pencil like 7B. The graphite had blended with oil pastels and produces dirty color.

I am regret of using 7B pencil, but as it is already started, I decided to complete it. And here is the outcomes.

Anyway, It looks better in physical form, but I am not happy with it.

I have learned a lesson, if I do it again, I gonna use oil pastel pencil, color pencil or harder graphite like 4H or above.

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