Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pang Jiun's art

Pang Jiun's art amazed me a lots! This is where I get the idea of doing oriental oil pastel paintings from. His oil painting have a very strong feel of Chinese brush drawing (水墨画). With post-impressionism and Fauvism from oil paintings, he blends the oriental style into his art.

He likes grey, he produce a lots of greyish painting on oriental buildings, bridges as well as landscape. A very important element of oriental painting ~ "remains white" (留白). It leaves certain portion of paintings blank without fill in any colors at all (not even white color). As we draw a bird on a white paper, blank white color becomes sky; if we draw living things, white becomes land; draw a boat, white becomes water.

Lets look at one of his painting "Galaxy in the world", you will observed the greyish as well as "remains white" elements.

This is the first painting of Pang Jiun that I had discovered. I love it so much and feel no hesitate to paint it in oil pastel to experience the oriental's mood.

The size of my painting is 16 x 25 cm. I paint it on white drawing block uses cray-pas expressionist as well as a little bit of buncho OP.

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