Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oil Pastel for the serious beginner by John Elliot

Obviously, I am a beginner who are very serious on using oil pastel as a medium for fine arts. Browsing through amazon for the books about using oil pastel, I only find this book on the list. I made an order online one month ago and today finally, this book arrived.

I am so glad I own this book now, as the information in this book is so useful to me. It suggest me which oil pastel to choose from, shows various painting surfaces and how to frame my finished works. It gives me ideas of how to do still life, landscape, faces and figures etc using OP. Also interesting topic regarding mixing medium such as oil pastel on oil, watercolor, acrylic etc. As well as wash techniques using solvent, or simply use water for water soluble OP. Everything mention in the book is new to me, I learn a lots.

I wish to see more books regarding oil pastel in the future, and if you are serious of trying oil pastel, check this book out!

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