Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oil Pastel on Tracing Paper

This is an experimental painting, I applied oil pastel on opaque tracing paper.

The initial painting looks like this:

I realized that the smooth surface of the tracing paper is rejecting oil pastel from blending and layering, therefore with few strokes I finalized the painting. My intention is to make the daisy smile, good thing of tracing paper is, I manage to use tortillion to work out the daisy petals.

I think this is not so bad, I think tracing paper are suitable for oil pastel painting that does not rely on blending.


Thadeu de paula said...

Really, some papers don't fix the pastels correctly or as the same way as other papers. This sometimes can be a great thing, since you have other possibilities.

Does you have some oil pastel gallery on flickr or other site?

My paint gallery have many of my oil pastels.

Annie said...

Great work. I like your Pastel work.

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