Monday, November 17, 2008

KOMTAR and Penang Ferry

KOMTAR tower is the tallest building in Penang. It was the tallest building in Asia when the time it was constructed, but lately it is been surpassed by Seoul's Korean Life Insurance Building. Anyway, It is still a very important landmark for Penang Island.

Penang Ferry is a transporter that can carry vehicle and people from Butterworth to Penang Island. It was the only way to cross the sea, but now it becomes second option to cross the sea, because we already have Penang bridge.

If you aware of the smoothly feel of mountain, it was blended by using tortillons. This is the view before blending was applied.

Which one do you prefer?


haan said...

i think i like the first one more..

yOnz said...

hi.. nice painting... can i use this painting for my web header? Hope for your permission..

surface said...

hi yOnz, yes, my pleasure. :)


Anonymous said...

hai surface.. thanks for your approval.. i really appreciate

surface said...

You are welcome, yOnz.

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