Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stylish Rapper

I made a study on portrait, I did a fast sketch directly with oil pastel.

It is really challenging for me to sketch portrait, because a minor mistakes may cause a very obvious difference. Look at the lady with the sunglasses, initially there are no sunglasses. I had made a mistakes on the pupil, therefore I decided to give her a treatment by painting her a sunglasses.

I had this sketch posted on wetcanvas and mention about my cheat on covering the eyes, it does welcomes some comments from the people over there, check it out, I find them interesting.


haan said...

honestly, i always think that is a HE.. till u wrote she is a female... however, overall i feel this is still a very nice paint.

making the eyes into sunglasses is just a trick to go around with unexpected conditions. so u can call it better, such as "workaround" instead of "cheat".

surface said...

Haha she must be having too much male characteristic, some of my friends told me she is a malay guy.

I like the word "treatment" more than the word "cheat" actually :P

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