Friday, November 7, 2008

Leisure sketch

I usually sketch my art by using color pencil consequently applying oil pastel. Yesterday, while waiting for the visit of my friend, I feel like having a leisure sketch. Therefore, I simple grab a piece of scrap paper left over on my desk and straight away sketch it with my Buncho oil pastel.

The first sketch object is my red helmet, which it is the first object that drags my attention. With no initial color pencil sketch, with no wasting time on choosing accurate color and measuring the object size, it took me about 5 - 10 minutes to finish the entire sketch.

As I looked at it that time, wow! it is not bad at all. So I decided to do another one, this time is my bonsai.

Out of sudden, I realized a problem! Hey! those papers are actually waited to be throw, now I have turn it into an art, It is a waste if I throw it away now.

With the success of those sketch, I picked a complex object for my next sketch. It is my bed that position near the window.

I finished up my scrap paper, but still I feel like doing another one. I found a piece of laundry receipt left on my desk, ^^ hehe.

It took me little time to sketch, but the outcome is astonish. I think I will do more leisure sketch in the future.

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