Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bronze Age of Ancient China

Recently, I have read an article regarding Bronze Age of Ancient China(青铜时代) in the UNESCO magazine, it covers the historical stories regarding Dynasty Shang (商朝)as well as includes a lots of beautiful photo.

I picked up my cray-pas expressionist oil pastel, refers to the images on the magazine and started to paint it on ATC size black mounting board.

I got the image as reference from the cover of the magazine, I don't know what is this statue depict, it is a kind of 'dog' for me, which made of clay and bronze.

This is bronze human mask (青铜人面)which I call it Bronze Goblin Mask. Regarding to the article, this kind of mask is very rare, archaeologist believes that is how ancient chinese in Dynastic Shang looks like. The usage of the mask is still unknown.

This is one of uncommon set of bronze age objects. This bronze statue looks very different from others. Archaeologist believes this statue must be depict the King or God. I didn't know Frankenstein already exist during Dynastic Shang, it was a great discover! :P

This is a weapon for the war, Bronze Tomahawk (青铜钺).

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