Friday, November 7, 2008

Teo Chew Association in Penang

Teo Chew Association in Penang is also known as Han Jiang Ancestral Temple. It is a building that won the Award of Merit from the Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation like Khoo Kongsi.

I have drew the outer hall of this temple. I am using mostly Faber-Castell creative studio oil pastel, as well as blending with some cray-pas expressionist OP on white drawing paper.

This is the initial sketch that I have done by using color pencil and few stroke of OP.

My focus on this building is the roof as well as the depth of the interior part. Therefore, I start my painting from the roof.

I use a lots of dark color to express the layer depth of the interior of the building, dark color consist of dark brown, dark blue, dark red as well as black.

And finally, it is done. Here I present you the Teo Chew Association in Penang. Thanks for looking at it.

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